NFIRS INCIDENT DATA – 352 Alarms in 2019, a 14% Decrease!​
   The following reports were generated using the web-based NFIRS (National Fire Incident Reporting System) software from that was provided by the PA State Fire Commissioners Office.​​​

   The 2017 reports tallied 405 alarms, [2.5% increase]; the 2018 reports show 404 alarms; while 2019 tallied 352 alarms, averaging one alarm about every 24.89 hours last year. Take a guess on what was the 'busiest' day of the week for incidents in 2019. The busiest day keeps moving around!
2019 Incidents by Type
2019 Incidents by Day
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2018 Incidents by Type
2018 Incidents by Day
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2017 Incidents by Type
2017 Incidents by Day
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