Our Deceased Members

   Dedicated to the memory of these members who served courageously, without compensation and with great enthusiasm to help make the 'village' of New Stanton a safer place to live, work and play. We thank them for their many years of dedicated service.*

Chalmer W. Eisaman, 1958
Ira J. Lohr, 1964
Ira L. Harrold, 1964
Amos S. Seehoffer, 1965
Charles W. Lash, 1965
Robert C. Klingensmith, 1966
William J. Myers,1967
Harry C. Shaffer, 1968
Frank E. Poorman, 1969
Alvie R. Forsythe, 1970
Elmer Fetter, 1971
Alfred A. Theis, 1971
John M. Trout, 1972
C. Herbert Cox, 1972
Charles L. Kight, 1975
Albert C. Dell, 1975
Alton J. Kauffman, 1977
Samuel L. Schein, 1979
Emerson L. Latta, 1987
Henry A. Springer, 1988
John G. Reagan, 1989
Albert A. Dell, 1989
Blanchard C. Chapman, 1991
Meade R. Stoner, 1991
Emilian N. Plesz, 1992
Harry E. Overly, 1998
Dick W. Rhea, 1999
J. Paul Calhoun, 2000
Jack M. Theis, 2001
Paul H. Calhoun, 2002
Edward S. Kellner, 2005
Charles S. Standart, 2009
William I. Hauger, Jr., 2010
Richard A. Theis, 2013
Henry R. Hawley, 2014
Wilbur C. Bussard, 2017
Darryl O. Hull, 2018

*Note: the list includes those members who were on the rolls at the time of death and were eligible for a Relief Association death benefit.

Many other former members have passed over these many years but were not on the membership rolls at the time of death.
We thank all of them, too, for their individual efforts.